Project: Vintage Inspired Decoupaged Bird Feeder with Robin Motif

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Birdhouse and gourds seem to be synonymous with each other, and yet gourds can also be used as feeders for birds. In this video I'll show you how to decoupage a gourd with handmade paper and decorate it with a bit of country charm using my original robin bird motif. 

Basic Materials List:
1. Dried, clean elongated gourd (round, oval, or martin house shapes will work)
2. Handmade paper of various colors. Think about the colors of a robin.
3. Handmade paper with vintage handwriting. I scanned old letters and printed them out on handmade laser paper.
4. Outdoor Mod Podge, water to thin the glue out, and 1" paint brush.
5. Tools to measure and cut open the gourd, which includes taylors' tape, utility knife, and keyhole saw.
6. Material of choice to hang gourd. I am proposing to wedge in a large metal washer and then attach a string to that. You can do whatever you like.
7. Drill bit and drill gun to make drainage holes as well as to help insert washer for hanger if you so choose.
7. Outdoor sealer. I am using Polyurethane.
8. The Robin pattern can be found below 

Quick Instructions:
1. Cut out three holes in gourd spaced evenly around. Make sure to leave enough space on bottom for seed.
2. Thin out Mod Podge with a bit of water and begin to decoupage. The key is to wet the gourd, wet the backside of your paper and press it onto the gourd, and then wet the paper again. Get the paper as wet as possible so that it can dry good and hard and be completely sealed from the elements.
3. Trim the edges of the openings with a utility knife and then seal them again with Mod Podge.
4. Attach hanger.
5. Seal whole gourd with outdoor sealer.

Find my Robin and Apple Blossom Branch pattern in my Craftsy pattern store.


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