Dominican Center Bookstore Grand Rapids - My Gourds are Now Available!

Sister Kathy picked up seven of my gourds this past Friday. I custom made them for her for reselling in the Dominican Center Bookstore and Gift Shop located in Grand Rapids ( I made seven gourd vessels and bowls, some with lids and some without, but all with the purpose of being used as Prayer Gourds. Sister Kathy explained this tradition to me as a vessel to hold petitions and problems that should not be dwelt upon but given to God in faith and trust. 

And I am happy to say she was very pleased with all of them and has asked me to make seven more for her. But this time she wants me to make them even simpler in design, and I admit it - simple is a challenge for me, but then again challenge is what I like. :)

Here are some photos of them - check them out next time you're in GR. Also, see them featured on the bookstore's website:

Leather and Fiber Bowl

Precious Meeting

Weaved Simplicity

Trinity Knot

Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Three Crosses on a Hill

Three Crosses on a Hill

Turquoise Perfection
Turquoise Perfection

© 2012 Bernadette Fox


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