An Update is In Order

I think an update is in order. My gourd art has not been at a standstill but on the contrary I am juggling farm work and an opportunity for gourd art exposure that carries a time crunch. The story is as follows. I was a vendor at the large Newaygo Arts and Crafts Festival held in downtown Newaygo on May 25, 26, and 27. In all honesty sales were low but I welcomed the exposure. In fact, I was invited (along with my sister Catherine who does beautiful pencil drawings and acrylic and oil paintings) to display my work in a local art gallery. This will be my first gallery and so I am excited for that. But the time crunch I just referred to is downtown's one and only bed and breakfast, La Belle de la Riviere. I am scheduled to have my art displayed in their charming B&B beginning July 1st and lasting a month, so no pressure. . . I do have some lovely gourd pieces to display already, but to take advantage of this opportunity I am frantically working on making more. So, when I have completed this task I will post the finished pieces here. The gallery, much to my dismay, will have to wait until after the B&B, as well as my many other gourding plans. I just wish I had more time to work on the gourds! Farm work is piling and piling and piling. Lord give me strength!


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