Recent Gourd Creations (many specifically made for the B&B in Newaygo)

Diamonds and Dragonflies

Leaf Cutout Trio

Michigan Out-of-doors Carved Box

Sunflower Wall Clock

Victorian Violet Beaded Rim Bowl

Vintage Inspired Decoupaged Bird Feeder

Around 17 gourds (including these) are being displayed in downtown Newaygo, Mi right now at La Belle de la Riviere. You can see them there the entire month of July.

At this time I am working to open up the art and craft room at Magicland Farms to begin selling my gourds there. My goal is to get a few more gourds completed (time, time, time!) and then open up the room next week - the week of July 15. We shall see how that goes. Right now I am working on a lamp, woodburned vase, and a whimsical country hand painted bowl.  I have a trillion more ideas, too. Gourds are so much fun :) But sadly time consuming. :(

Then, finally I will start work on getting some of my gourd art in 51 East Gallery located in Newaygo. I have some really neat ideas that I want to make just for the gallery. I am thinking of a bird sculpture, a giant bushel gourd basket, and even a gourd quilt.

BTW, I hope to share some photos of my display in the B and B before the end of July so stay tuned for that.

Stay cool!


© 2012 Bernadette Fox


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