A Confession, Summertime Gourd Art, and a Firefly Serenade Carved Gourd Lantern


Okay, I will confess I've been on a gourd slump. So little time to do much in the way of art, and when I do have a bit, I come to an artist's block - similar to a writer's block I would think. So I admitted it, I have a loss of inspiration, but tonight, on a whim, I decided to browse through past photos of my gourds. In doing so, I realized I did not make many with a summer theme, so few in fact that I can count them on my fingers. That surprised me for sure, because so many of my gourds are purchased during the summer. If you know me, though, you can probably understand why there is a lack of summertime gourds--the majority of my gourds are made in the fall and winter because I am swamped during the summer with farm work. Would you believe it, the lack of summer gourds has actually inspired me to once again pick up a gourd and transform it.

And do you know what the subject of my coming gourd creations will be? :)

On a side note: My favorite summertime gourd I made is pictured above. I made it last year where it sold in the La Belle de la Riviere B&B in Newaygo, MI. I also custom made another gourd just like it for a customer who fell in love with it. I can't blame them. I really enjoyed making this one. Catching fireflies with my brothers and sisters was an annual event. Every year on the 4th of July we go out in the evening and fill jars with fireflies right before watching the big fireworks display.    

© 2013 Bernadette Fox


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