Woodburning DIY Video - Gourds aren't the only things I woodburn :)

I like to woodburn or pyroengrave dried gourds. It's a beautiful way to embellish gourds without going over the top - it seems to bring out the natural beauty of gourds. However, burning on wood was where I began woodburning. I had some fun woodburning on scrap wood found around the house - I made several plaques and even decked out a whole bench. (The bench is a story in itself.) But I discovered the gourd, and wood seemed like second best ever since. That is until an Ash tree fell after a storm last year. A cousin of mine took some of the wood to do a bit of woodturning. He made some beautiful bowls out of the Ash and gave a couple to my family. Oooh! what an opportunity to do a little woodburning on wood again!

Enjoy the video!

© 2013 Bernadette Fox


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